Insane Samyang 500mm F/8 Lens

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Insane Samyang 500mm F/8 lens
Insane Samyang 500mm F/8 lens
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Samyang 500mm F8 Mirror Lens
Samyang 500mm F8 Mirror Lens

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rob b: craiglockhart hill

Gil T: this video is too shaky...

R J: This would be amazing on a micro four thirds sensor with 2x crop factor making a 1000mm lens

dlarge6502: Incredible zoom at such a low price. Many other comments complain about the image quality. Some of that is due to the lens itself as mirror lenses have always provided lower image quality than glass lenses. However a lot of the image quality loss is going to be due to the atmosphere. If you are shooting something on the horizon with that kind of focal length then you are also shooting a photo of the haze and pollution which may change day to day.

The thing you do get with mirror lenses is their relative cheapness compared to glass and their weight. A glass based 500mm will be much heavier. If you want image quality, move in to the subject / shoot less of the air. Sports photographers use long focal lengths to shoot footballers etc but they are sitting practically next to the action with hardly any air between them and the subject when compared to shooting a castle from a hill a mile away. Also they are likely to be using expensive glass lenses too.

Eustace Victor: Lens for spy lol

Darkeadventures: Got this on a DX, gives me 750mm (on a 35mm film camera basis), for the price it is good but without electrical contacts it must be used in manual mode. Had a 300mm CAT lens many years ago on my old Rolleiflex 35SE and miss it which is why I bought this, not disappointed, has limited use of course but still a great lens for the money. Also got the Samyang 8mm fisheye as well, on a DX that becomes a 12mm which gives me a full frame fisheye on my Nikon D5500. good video, thanks for sharing.

Alexander H.: This lens is indeed the same as a Schmitt Cassegrain Telescope, though much smaller.

furulevi: Is this zoom similar to a camcorder's 50x (optical zoom)? Thanks!

jisezer: Why even try this without at least a cheap tripod? This was my first video I saw of you and now I have the worst impression

Jesse Vargas: this is what not planning a video looks like

Gabor Moolenaar: Impressive performance! Thanks.

Touseef Ashfaq: forget the bad lens bro! your focus noise makes me more into... bad mod

MagicalUniverse: Hi . great video . Do you know if it supports micro 4/3? Maybe using an adapter .. right? One more question .. could you take long exposure photos to the stars? Without light pollution. Thank you . Good channel

revadan: what about adding an extension tube..

fractal_force: awesome. I have this lens and I can't wait to test it

ted tedsen: i tested the 800mm verison of this 500mm it was terribel on my d810 and d4 blury bad images even at optimal focus but like Dombower says if you are a spy it does its job

4pitoune: I have one miror lense, the Tamron 500mm f8. It is good handhelded for proxi .
look at this

salvador blanco: Hey friend !!!, i have a tokina RMC 500 mm lens but i never use it, well, the fisrt time i saw it came to my mind a simple question, is it removable the little black piece in the middle of the lens ???, i don´t know if that piece i can remove it every time i have to take photos or i have to let it in its place. I bought a camera recently and i`m trying to dedicate time to this art, i´m amateur but i want to learn about this art, i will appreciate your answer. Thank you

Astawa Purnajaya: where is the wild life bird sample photos?

MISTER AGB: 750mm F12
Insane Samyang 500mm F/8 lens 5 out of 5

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Insane Samyang 500mm F/8 lens