Single Draft Phantom Lancer [Dota 2]

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Banzay27: Having only 2 relatively simple active abilities makes it one of those heroes that is easy to use but difficult to master. Reminds me of Magebane.

zagorith14: Holy hell! There were so many damn clones in this match, I thought it was Star Wars: Episode 2. Lol.

Bpalm Bp: find some job dude

Steve SteveSteve: Theres not much sense in getting your passives before you max your actives. your attack speed is too low at low levels to make use of illusions.

lin: The movie Goodburger taught me that "dude" is 100% gender-neutral. I'm a dude. He's a dude. She's a dude. We're all dudes.

lin: I thought Daedelus gave crit to your illusions?

Ashfalor: You can simply not watch it, that's what I do when he uploads stuff like this, unless i'm really itching for some.

IAmebAdger: Different people enjoy things differently. I say let them.

itsjenyoumen: should have got a heart no one but kolt will beable to kill your illusions

Nile Wanderer: Cheers OTG for another good video. I find phantom lancer really fun to play and I do agree with wanting to focus on his first two abilities first as Phantom Lancer can push a lane like nobodies business.

Tammie Marie: "Dude" isn't quite as non-gender as "dood" IMO. Dood is from Disgaea btw...Poor OTG hasn't played that series.

ElvenNoble: It's fair enough if you can do well playing your own way; I respect that if I'm to understand that's the case--I just like to help people improve if I can. I suppose you could say it's part of enjoying the ride for me. Regardless though, I probably got a bit carried away. I blame YouTube's comment character limit, even though w/o it I'd probably have typed more in total. :P

down syndrome bukkake: Say that to pro teams who win thousands, or a million if you look at the international, it is a job for some people.

ElvenNoble: As a final note, Manta Style is also an option after Diffusal, and is almost always better than Sange & Yasha, if you have the money for a basher (and later abbysal), because the stats and performance you get from Manta and basher is far superior to what S&Y give; S&Y don't stack most of the bonuses with either Manta or Basher. Usually people get S&Y if they want the stats from Manta and the bash from basher, but can't afford the separate items, so they get S&Y as a cheaper alternative. :]

Merick: its a game, dont turn it into a second job just enjoy the ride

ElvenNoble: (note that I'm talking about your early-mid game usage of W) That extra mana you spent on numerous occasions early game cost you a few kills that you could've gotten from the extra mana you'd have saved if you used it on Q instead (the c/d is short enough). All that being said though, you obviously did pretty well, and I'm used to watching professional Dota 2 players, so I'm used to high "quality" standards of play. :o

ElvenNoble: That aside, watching you build PL poorly and grossly misuse your W was painful! You don't need a Daedelus on PL, just get a Butterfly or Heart after Diffusal. As for your W, you frequently used it after initiating with Q, even while under towers! The stealth is negated by the tower's true sight, and the extra clone basically did nothing (not even taking tower aggro), all the while you spend precious mana on a low leveled skill (the cost of which decreases with higher levels). :[

ElvenNoble: I'm going to preface my next comment by saying I really, REALLY enjoyed this video! :D However...

Infernisle: While they're also carries, Drow Ranger and Viper are very easy to play too. If none of those float your boat, then maybe Sven would be nice. That said, my advice would just be to try a bunch of heroes that look interesting to you. Just because they're easy to play doesn't mean they're good for you. I feed as all those guys and play a mean Storm Spirit and Nyx Assassin even though they require a little more skill. Just see what clicks, y'know?

RockingTheFro: It's not that it's harder to play a carry, but, if you fail (which you will), your team will suffer a lot more.
Single Draft Phantom Lancer [Dota 2] 5 out of 5

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