Training For Powerlifting Vs Bodybuilding

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Aneesh: what a genius

receo11: Bodybuilders taking it in the ass is the biggest difference

주호찬: He looks like Özil

Aivar M: Sorry but you talked a bit of broscience in this. Bodybuilders look more muscular because THEY CARE ABOUT THEIR UPPER CHEST? NO, they look more muscular because bodybuilders care about maximum (optimal) muscle breakdown, whereas powerlifters care about explosiveness and basically moving weight from one point to another (of course if you are taking this seriously, proper form is a common sense). Muscles =/= strength! As a biochemistry student I can confirm that you develop muscles because your body wants to avoid such a drastic breakdown in the MUSCLE the next time you should do an exercise (physical effort), by repairing the tissue with an ''extra''. This is pretty much why high intensity (keep in mind - bodybuilding focused training) is one of the best methods for muscle building.
Strength however comes because you deplete your GLYCOGEN stores in a short period of time (while performing a 80% max deadlift, for example). This is the reason why people who can run 60 miles straight wont EVER reach the strength of a same weight powerlifter, obviously one is aerobic and the other anaerobic but the way your body uses energy for these two sports is completely different. Same mechanism works for strength as for muscle building, your body wants to avoid getting a drastic energy deficit the next time while performing an exercise.
The difference is in the chemistry, not psychology (''I want upper chest'').

Yahya Zakaria: Dude you are the best utube athlete alive !
I want to ask u a question you said in a other video that natural bodybuilders should have uper lower split and shouldn't train a particular muscle group cuz it won't work for them like natty bodybuilders as they aim to get the pump and steroids will do the rest of the top
so how could a bodybuilder vary exercises in upper lower split ? I mean upper\ lower split is "just an exercise for each muscle group"

Abroham: Have you ever experimented with CONCENTRIC ONLY training/lifting (ex: dropping the weight at the top of deadlift) and if so, would love to see a vid on your take on it.  PEACE

Johnny Appleseed: I like this guy. Def gonna plant a seed for him.

Eukleides K: I think there are other important differences. For one, a body builder tries to get stronger so he can get bigger, while a power lifter tries to get bigger to get stronger. Also, a body builder tries to make a lift as inefficient as possible, whereas a power lifter does the opposite. That is my impression anyway. I would not consider myself to be either.

P247: Candito looks just like this guy:

assaf shmueli: In bodybuilding one of the most important things is to preform a slow squeezed controlled rep and focus on the negative as well.

kjrody21: George Leeman and Dan Green look like body builders

John Yap: Take my Like sire take it all!!!! Subscribed

Gemeplay: You have huge eyes, what training program would you recommend to get eyes like yours

jetboy0220: LOL THIS GUY.

Xavier Lopez: Great channel man. You have a lot of great info, I can tell your very knowledgeable. Def will subscribe

H. M.: What do you think about powerlifting bloodshot eyes due to intraocular pression increase and the incidence of glaucoma?

Anthony Baldaccini: Powerbodybuilding ftw 

adrian m: In bodybuilding if your doing bench you want to contract the chest and only the chest to put all the focus there to get a hyprtrophy response which also means using lighter weight. in powerlifting bench again as an example you use all your muscles to move the weight chest, shoulders, triceps, and even lats. Powerlifiting could only get you big to a certain point

Kevin Nobles: Awesome vid thanks

pongpoo ryung: powerlifting is a sport. 
bodybuilding is a hobby.
nuf said
Training For Powerlifting vs Bodybuilding 5 out of 5

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Aneesh: what a genius
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Training For Powerlifting vs Bodybuilding