Piety Obby Tank Review - OSRS

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Dragon_fan: rending log on this account and play with it with obsidian armor should be better now

Blazor b: hey could u get 50attack with finishing the quests for B gloves and being able to veng or would u go over??? can u reply plz?

Blue Winds: Name of the intro song?? PLEASE

Burning Goose: EOC Pking is a joke

A super fly rich young light skinned nigga: bruv are u spawning cash or what

Noobhoun: For few years I had in mind an interesting obby build and haven't found anybody having that, what's your opinion on this?
16 attack, 85 str, 40 defence, 13 or 31 prayer and 94 mage with lunar diplomacy done? I've done my research and it in fact is possible to do lunars and only getting 16 attack (from fremmy trials). With these stats (if I remember correctly) your combat would be 76 (having a realistic hp level aswell).
Whats your opinion on this? Venge for obby mauler at under 80 combat, seems good and there are lots of pures at that combat.

Barack Hussein Obama II: what could I do with a 1att/25def/69str/18 pray obby mauler?

Camo // Im back: Whats better for obby maul 1 attk tyrannical ring or berserker ring? 

Mystic Griefing: Should get 50 attack on it. Just go max range tank with 50 atk and 99 str. That would put you at like 105 combat I think with 99 hits, 52 prayer, etc. I considered making a build like that but I have no interest in spending the cash on the ranged and magic levels when I'm already managing my defence pure.

DT JAY: that ignore list Kappa

koomio: I like the activity keep it up. Can you do some pk commentaries on your mauler?

sailor: You should try out legacy pking on your turmoil pure, see how well it does.

Dragon_fan: Would u get to much attack from getting lunars?

pkownada: 60 attack :D?

xToxicWave: 50 attack would do well i think

Gecko: Damn shame ;/ hmnnn... you could still make this into a sick 60-99-70 acc, only of you enjoy that kind of pking though, this vid made me want one so bad ;0 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DrSP1nWO7XU

Colossal: where'd you get the time for all these accs man
Piety Obby Tank Review - OSRS 5 out of 5

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Dragon_fan: rending log on this account and play with it with obsidian armor should be better now
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Piety Obby Tank Review - OSRS