Dye NT Review 2/5 - Disassembly And Maintenance

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Maurice Linton: Does any one know what is up with the "flow spacers" on the NT 11 

Jonathan Cons: The NT 10 needs the spacer at all times to shoot proper ?So that the velocity won't go up and down.Cause DYE told my step father that he doesn't needs it .How come?

Alexander Nino: i cannot seperate the first 2 pieces to get to the spring? how do i do that?

Brettisdaman98: Do u think if I bought those grips for my 2011 rail and drilled holes were the screws would go if the 360 wrap-around grips would fit?

anto vega: I need the spacer body .. Where I can find it ??

KatanaPaintball: NT All the way!

Mike Abel: haha idk if yall noticed the "you freakers..." anode on the gun

Marshinskifellow: my dm6 has that style trigger.

chasefilming: if you like screming freak in the pits, Nt is the way to go :)

Ian Camp: Personally, after shooting an Ego 08, I HATED it. The feelings was awful, but it shot well. As for the NT10 that I'm getting next Friday, I'll let you know, but from reading a lot of reviews and things of that sort, I have found out that this is one of the best-feeling guns available. Besides the maintenance problems sometimes associated with the NT10s, it seems like a killer gun worth the money if you buy used, which is what I'm doing. I'm getting a NT10.5 (a 10 with 11 internals). $530...

Trailmixorz: DM9 or NT10?

Willie Finucane: just traded my ego 9 for an NT on techpb, NT came in the mail today. ill let you know man

Clay FXDX: It is kind of like the Ego's and SL's ego is more lower end same with dm's The SL's and nt's are more high end

Teal Thunder: Whats the real difference between the NT and the DM

TheKhmerboz: can u show me a video how to insert the improvement kit please? that would help me a lot since a new to NT11...

brayan acevedo: nt 2010 or ego 9 ?

mike jones: what kinda gum u chewing ?

MIchael Wilffert: I dont have any spacers and it shoots better than an NT that does. just makes a ping sound when i shoot it.

Cavek: helped me out alot. thanks man.

payback350z: To DimitriM10- Did you ever figure out how to get the plunger off? Mine is sealed! I even used a long handle wrench, and I put the plunger in a vice! It is damaged now, and STILL WONT COME APART! IDK what to do, I am calling DYE techs tomorrow...I mean comon, I used a vice, and long handle wrench!!! WTF??
Dye NT Review 2/5 - Disassembly and Maintenance 5 out of 5

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Maurice Linton: Does any one know what is up with the "flow spacers" on the NT 11 
Nicholas Lim: I think travel is because it takes up less luggage space...just my two cents worth.
derekobs: Hahahaha.......r15 Aur 145!!!!!Kise ullu bana rhe ho Vai??.....Dis bik has got no power at all
floorpizza: Most of the time, damage done to the magazine blue plastic tip is caused by screwing the magazine cap on tight. The manual warns against this, and yes, it's important.
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Dye NT Review 2/5 - Disassembly and Maintenance