Gmod 13 Zombie Run

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jack caulson: What is that made by?

Lee Oliver: THOSE freakING HANDS

Keisuu: Max serait tu un français ?

Digivee: its probably for model-specific player animations. Like, zombies running more gimped than normal players.

Kirillian Amurawr: Dont add to gmod!, DONT KILL hl2 NPCS! But if you adding dis into player model no problems :D

fireyblackdragon: technically not true. GMod 13 will just INCLUDE some engine files, it's still the source engine, with lots of heavy tweaks. But, it just includes some engine files so when the engine is updated and GMOD isn't, gmod has its own copy to run until the update is pushed, instead of trying to use TF2's engine when it can't

darkside: Nice animation i guess.

SuiMG: Actually GMod 13 will be using it's own engine, apparently, so that updates stop it from breaking constantly.

inabahare: Garry'd Mod 13 uses a modified version of the source engine... But for the most part it should be the same.

Remnic: Why do I have a feeling that this is going to be used in Zombie Survival?

Dr Igleh: Say*

Dr Igleh: Max, you are like Hanrooster. Do good things but haters gonna hate because they sey you got an annoying personality.

Xenrak: Yay Golden Sun!

SuiMG: Is using the GMod 13 engine different to source or..?

SuiMG: So is animating in GMod 13 any different to working with the normal engines. I mean, when it's done it's using an independant engine so how will that affect work if you plan to use GMod 13?

Admiral Hippie: Running Zombies. And i thought shambling was annoying enough.

Mr. Rawbawto: Yes

PotonForry: Oh no, The "Firstitus" got Max too. We must kill you before it infects anybody else.

Nyuha: lol, gondel sun soundtrack at final

RedMage583: even max is not safe from the rules of Youtube
Gmod 13 zombie run 5 out of 5

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jack caulson: What is that made by?
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Gmod 13 zombie run