4 Common Problems With Drop Shipping

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4 Common Problems With Drop Shipping 
4 Common Problems With Drop Shipping 
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Drop Shipping Problems — Drop Shipping From China & Customer Support #123
How to Start a Drop Shipping Business
How to Start a Drop Shipping Business
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Testing Out Dropshipping Problems & Solutions
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Rebecca Manley: Is Big Commerce also a great program just as Shopify

Saef Reez: Hi Otto btw nice decent vid and useful infos from you.

i have a question , ive read on other video comments section on youtube about if being a new seller on ebay ... ebay holds your money until item item arrived to the buyer is this true ? if this happen how can i pay the supplier say from alibaba or aliexpress using paypal since they are holding the money ?

im new into this and havent started yet.

musicxrai: thanks maan thanks.i really enjoyed your video,it's very helpful.

Reallifestyle123 Be Real: God bless you

LilLit &Littysquad: thanks you

ET: Otto , what/which suppliers do you use?

Michele LaFiura: OMG get to the point!!!!!!

crud08: Thank you for this video. Im just starting out and hadn't thought about all of these things.

Karl M: Great stuff!!!!

Hunter100: what is the name of the drop shipper you were bragging about? thanks for posting.

Abd ullah: Otto, first of all you have great videos, thank you for that. I have a question about delivery of items. If the clients can see wich supplier the product is from what can stop them to buy from them cheaper next time?

Nader Toboul: My question, when customer buy through my website, his product will reach his address directly or mine? if his address can I do it to my address so I can repackage it?what about bills?

nattsurfaren: Isn't the problem with running your own store that you need to drive traffic to it which is hard as fck. If you sell on ebay you already have traffic prepared for you.

Alex Tsvetanov: Thank you for this video man!

cordearo: how can i reach you can you please look at my site tell me what I'm doing wrong

TheBlinked1: Good information,...but damn, stop smacking bruh.

EROS KARMA: Thank you so much for your dedication and advice. :0)

i-amsimplyme TamaraShawndeal: how did you find supplies? have you heard about wholesale 2b

Marcos Paulo: Hey that's a major problem for me to understand. Who is responsible for shipping products for free within Amazon, the seller or the buyer?
I want to offer free shipping for my products on Ebay and I will buy them from Amazon.
If i do not pay for the Prime membership, will I get my products sent to my customers for free or, on the contrary, only if I pay for the Prime program?
In short, how does the Prime Membership work for the ones who are trying to resell these same products?

I've never been into dropshipping and I am not familiar with the Amazon Prime yet.

Thanks for any help.

DC is the GOAT and Jones is a FRAUD , Floyd is too: Hi, I am running a drop shipping business on Shopify, how am I supposed to submit proof of my business physical address (on 2checkout, or skrill etc...) if I don't even have a company !!! I am working from home ! please reply
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4 Common Problems With Drop Shipping