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Anazman: My Mom had a 57 Special and always had problems with it overheating. Was a nice looking car though. She paid 400.00 for it in 1964. Lasted 3yrs til 67. Love this Roadmaster ! Like that it is all original! Sometimes a restored car looks too perfect. This car car looks great but not 'perfect'.
Luc Turgeon: Thanks.
Кек Кок: Полный трэш,такого пиздеца я ещё не видел
Christian Chacon Chacon: We will know how it ends in 5 days.......
Dzevad Hamzic: So, how can we do it?
Atsuro Kihara: Great video! I'm picking up SFA and this video helps immensely. A simple, no frills guide on his tools and what he can do. Thanks!

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