Crysis Wars Maxd Out! E2160@3.5ghz 9800gtx

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Procyon - Level 5 Boss Phase

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Alessio Mertoli: which program do you use to make gameplay????

aabb3ElOriginal: wow you play like a kitty

Field of View: Seriously, what was that?? The gun makes the running animation although he's just casually jogging around with no energy depletion. Feature, bug or cheat?

TheHolyheadshot: yeah my Pentium D and 9500GT are not good. Thanks for confirming how good these specs are! and yes i can overclock a 2160 on my board :D

Douglas Spear: 2:12 firstly, bad driving secondly, infinity energy while running in speed mode?

blackhawk868: Crysis 1 was fantastic, is Crysis Wars still populated?

midarkmind: @makavelichase Yeah. I can do it as well. but it dips below 30 FPS once in a while when things get crazy. usally though I get 35+ max out. I have 16xQ turned on. =)

David Lauw: @midarkmind I have a Alienware M17x R3 with a 6990m and I can play max settings.

RENAKON: @lazarusthehucast evga 780i with a volt mod

midarkmind: Got a MSI GTX 580 XE and Crysis 1 still gave me a run for my money. I don't know what all this notice is about people maxing it with weak specs. Oh yeah and I am not talking about crapty warhead or this dumb crysis wars crap. Or even Crysis 2. I am talking about the first game with STILL to this day gives BF3 and all the newest games a RUN FOR THERE MONEY. People below don't know what the freak they are talking about.Thinking you can max Crysis on a weak ass ATI card... GET THE freak OUT OF HERE!

ERTLPFM: @bobothetwit except for tf2 on xbox360/ps3 no aim assist on that!

Michael Kelly: @avril4ewa Are you serious? Where did you get this info from? I thought my 6950 was performing badly in other games, so I did a reinstall on my system and played Crysis Wars, and it freakin pummelled it. Not sure what FPS i'm getting, but it's smooth as silk.

RENAKON: @DeMoN5377 nope

TroublingStatueVII: in crysis wars are you 100% invisible?

yusukegarners: i had 70-80fps on my gtx 580 at 1680x1050 in Battleground map but when I turn 16XQAA it drops 45-50fps.

BRAUWN: @gamer1337omg yeah, i know

BRAUWN: @gamer1337omg i get 40-50 with a 6850 lmfao

Iván Nivelo: @lefdepord thakyou

Iván Nivelo: what is the name song??

RENAKON: @gamer1337omg your retarded this is multipayer lol.....
★Crysis wars maxd out! ★e2160@3.5ghz 9800gtx 5 out of 5

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Phil Whisenant: Why are these videos still on here? You can't add Fusion to 17.6 Kodi. Help SOLOMAN!!
Alessio Mertoli: which program do you use to make gameplay????
Jack Rogers: Please return I am starting miss the studios games what they made now they are leaving and quitting please keep going
alik alik: and more new miscrits
Sofia Eagles: sooooo funny
Артем Федоренко: точно такая же проблема
Abraham Espinoza: Can this hopper be used to spray popcorn onceilings?

★Crysis wars maxd out! ★e2160@3.5ghz 9800gtx