Crysis Wars Maxd Out! E2160@3.5ghz 9800gtx

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Alessio Mertoli: which program do you use to make gameplay????

aabb3ElOriginal: wow you play like a kitty

Field of View: Seriously, what was that?? The gun makes the running animation although he's just casually jogging around with no energy depletion. Feature, bug or cheat?

TheHolyheadshot: yeah my Pentium D and 9500GT are not good. Thanks for confirming how good these specs are! and yes i can overclock a 2160 on my board :D

Douglas Spear: 2:12 firstly, bad driving secondly, infinity energy while running in speed mode?

blackhawk868: Crysis 1 was fantastic, is Crysis Wars still populated?

midarkmind: @makavelichase Yeah. I can do it as well. but it dips below 30 FPS once in a while when things get crazy. usally though I get 35+ max out. I have 16xQ turned on. =)

David Lauw: @midarkmind I have a Alienware M17x R3 with a 6990m and I can play max settings.

RENAKON: @lazarusthehucast evga 780i with a volt mod

midarkmind: Got a MSI GTX 580 XE and Crysis 1 still gave me a run for my money. I don't know what all this notice is about people maxing it with weak specs. Oh yeah and I am not talking about crapty warhead or this dumb crysis wars crap. Or even Crysis 2. I am talking about the first game with STILL to this day gives BF3 and all the newest games a RUN FOR THERE MONEY. People below don't know what the freak they are talking about.Thinking you can max Crysis on a weak ass ATI card... GET THE freak OUT OF HERE!

ERTLPFM: @bobothetwit except for tf2 on xbox360/ps3 no aim assist on that!

Michael Kelly: @avril4ewa Are you serious? Where did you get this info from? I thought my 6950 was performing badly in other games, so I did a reinstall on my system and played Crysis Wars, and it freakin pummelled it. Not sure what FPS i'm getting, but it's smooth as silk.

RENAKON: @DeMoN5377 nope

TroublingStatueVII: in crysis wars are you 100% invisible?

yusukegarners: i had 70-80fps on my gtx 580 at 1680x1050 in Battleground map but when I turn 16XQAA it drops 45-50fps.

somerandomutewb: @gamer1337omg yeah, i know

somerandomutewb: @gamer1337omg i get 40-50 with a 6850 lmfao

Iván Nivelo: @lefdepord thakyou

Iván Nivelo: what is the name song??

RENAKON: @gamer1337omg your retarded this is multipayer lol.....
★Crysis wars maxd out! ★e2160@3.5ghz 9800gtx 5 out of 5

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Alessio Mertoli: which program do you use to make gameplay????
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Josh Heroux: Teacher phil, you slammed the chalk down on the blackboard. That was not very nice of you to do that kind of stuff. next time set it down carefully, but not roughly.
Massives: Is the gtx 560 ti twinfrozrr II 2gb, SLI good to get? and how is the corsair water cooler :)?:D
Bob M: NOT a true GT - GT's have the 5 circular gauges in the dash.
William Andersen: i like skoda octavia
Inam Ghafoor: go to folders and select sent items

★Crysis wars maxd out! ★e2160@3.5ghz 9800gtx