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Deda Mraz: Mail list not active.
TechGumbo: I'm a huge fan of the Vivaldi browser. The latest I heard is that they are still working on a mobile app. If it's as interesting as their desktop version, then it should be awesome. I'll keep you all posted if and when the mobile app goes public.... Thanks for watching :)
Максим Игоревич: Скоро скажут что срать вредно, срите но по немногу
Jim Boice: I don't know if for sure if wearing Sam's glasses would have gotten you that job or not but if had wore them and got the job you would have had to wear his glasses to work every day from then on. After a few weeks your eyesight would have been ruined and you wouldn't be able to see without his glasses anymore. But you really do look cute wearing his glasses so maybe that wouldn't have been a bad thing since glasses are such a great look on you. In looking at your more recent videos you apparently never get glasses. If you did you never have wore them in any of your videos so if you now do actually wear glasses you should make a video wit you wearing your glasses.
MattFromTheBay: Thanks for the video and updates. I am dealing with this problem now with my mother's Kia. She just had the entire timing belt system replaced & I thought it was the mechanic's fault but now I see Kia has a big blame in the problem as well.
Fifaxgaming: Great reveiw as usual
♡hosenheels: It would be great to have this in layman's terms, for the rest of us.

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