Project: Double Shinai

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Nick Han: lmao thats hilarious and cool

GlassHearts: how to kill kendo at home

spartacusbr1: I like the project its really nice tho i think that you should try to take advantage of the yellow string that you cut since its a really important piece of the shinai it holds the shinai together from tip to tip and cutting the string and tying it to the nakayui (i think that's whats called) makes that bo staff dangerous the nakayui holds the shinai together at the tip tying it there would make the pressure pull it up bursting the shinai parts out! Its really well done nonetheless.

erniesbudolab: I've been blessed to be able to afford to be an innovator in the world of kobudo. I do it, so others won't have to sacrifice their money and waste resources. If my response offended you, your reply offended me. You could have voiced your complaint with a less condescending tone and I wouldn't have responded in kind.

Sebastián Vansteenkiste: You should really check out how much it costs to get this things over here before you make that kind of comment. So they are really cheap over there, yay for you, but we can't help but to cringe in pain.

erniesbudolab: Nice thing about grass is that it grows back quickly. That's what bamboo is. Grass.

Sebastián Vansteenkiste: Two poor shinai where mercilessly murdered in the making of this video.

erniesbudolab: The answer is...WHY NOT?

jason moreno: Where can I find the shorter version of the shenai?

jason moreno: I cut one and made a cane out of it. No probs so far.

erniesbudolab: O bambu cresce como grama ... porque é grama.

Ninya: Pretty cool but obviously only for fun purposes.

O'scar Vidal: @ToriRocksAmos and you sir, are an admired person!!

Marcel Krebs: you sir, are an idiot. Sorry

lol1808: ahah, very nice and fun . Looks like the star wars stuff. not sure my sensei will agree if I come to Kendo with such a weapon!!

Francis Samaniego: Very nice...

erniesbudolab: @Fre3ZeZ0nE I'm familiar with chanbara equipment and am not a big fan of thick, bendable foam. I'd rather work with light bamboo that flexes a little and demands people to use control.

erniesbudolab: @dtchaze This is a proto-type. Obviously, I'm not going to practice with a partner using this until I engineer safety into its construction.

dtchaze: You will hurt someone. The tsuru, yellow string you cut have a purpose : apply enough strengh to the sakigawa to hold the bamboo splinter together :/

ishada27: eyh... :( You know, if you have legitimate training in kendo and if you even have a kendo sword, you should be grateful. Just saying. Plus i think a reason why people get angry seeing this, is because they believe that these instruments are either hand crafted and very valuable in that sense, or because the invention of these instruments was for a particular purpose. How ever, it STILL is only two less swords. And from what we can tell (from the video) he could have even made them himself.
Project: Double Shinai 5 out of 5

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Nick Han: lmao thats hilarious and cool
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Project:  Double Shinai