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Haroun Algahmi: Great tutorial!
Kamaji: We always bring him to like 5% it's a joke!
Perfect towers management, Allagan field is fine, and everything else too.
Our mt (only tank in fight) does die a lot tho, in sudden moments. Like taking too much damage. Healers are fine. Any clues.?

ruffinist: jesus
Xavier Morte Enríquez: La casa mas enorme de mi vida
WickedDealer: No, because it's still to bland. If you look at when Shards was still in standard and Jund was considered "the best deck" there were still like 8-10 other good decks that could compete against it. The problem with current standard isn't just Jace, it's the lack of good decks and a deep enough card pool. I really have a problem with Wizards letting O-Ring, Pithing Needle & Pulse all rotate at the same time. The fact that there are no real answers to planswalkers makes Jace that much worse.
Prometheus: Does it save recorded video/images directly to the iphone?
Paul Hulbert: Good video. But wouldn't you need to also calculate the positive externalities and compare them with the negative externalities? Because while it is clear that society will be hurt as a result of the bags (those poor drowning turtles...), it is equally clear that society will also be benefited in certain ways from the bags. Hence, it would be necessarily to compare the two, and then take the difference--whether positive or negative--and put that onto the graph (instead of just the negative externality number). Right?