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Kingsley Geoffrey: Pls my Audi a6 double turbo sline 2004 is showing a capital E what does it mean
aaaheim: Handy guy lol hahaha thought u´d never get it together!
Олег Перетятко: Там не телефонный номер вводить надо, а номер банковской карты. )))
abdo sara: Du bist der beste
Theodore Burgess: Wait till you add all of,them look it up it bad ass
Helena Moore: So you put the sticker in an envelope and seal it. Then you need to put an address on the front and put a stamp on the top right hand corner. Stamps can be purchased from post offices, newsagents, WHSmith etc basically anywhere that sells cards. First class is more expensive because it's delivered more quickly. Second class is cheaper because it's delivered more slowly. If the letter/parcel is above a certain weight or size you will need to pay more and this will have to be weighed and measured at a post office and they will tell you what stamp is required. Once the envelope is sealed, stamped and addressed, you are ready to put this in a post box (or hand in at post office to man or woman) whereupon the postman will take control. For the purposes of sending me my sticker, an envelope with a standard first or second class stamp will suffice. Good luck and God speed.
Angel Gabriel: How do you detonate the ucav on console?