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Tarvi Kaasiku: Bgvhc
Maggie Campbell: were do you put the battery at on it
lchardison: This video helped me to decide to buy one from Amazon. I can't wait to get mine. Thanks for this video!
Stampxxl: Hooooowwwww!!!! U should USE THE GRIFFIN CENTURY
Blood StainedSand: Maybe he should have learned to fight =(
Asim B: nice to c all stars and masud butt with Syed noor....thanks for posting such clips
discerningmind: Tip: Wipers that don't have adequate pressure against the windshield won't wipe very well.  This happens because age has weakened the spring in the wiper arm.  Instead of buying new arms you can save money by buying shorter wiper blades.  Less surface area means more pressure against the glass.  Try a blade about 3" shorter than the original blade.