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Deborah Diaz: What beauty blender do you use?
Edwin: I bought the grape flavor and it just taste like chemicals mixed to give it a sweet taste, but sweet chemical taste. The DMAA in it does provide the focus+energy combo, that much is true. But yes, Mesomorph is great, there is no crash, which is even better.
Rodrigo Ramos Ramos: Bom dia amigao!!!
A bateria dela?? qd a vida útil dela acabar.. como faço?? Joga a câmera fora tbm??? :( Me ajude ai.. por favor!

Black Virus: Is there a Way to contact you Sigil?
Lucy Locket: This man should never have resigned, even if Brexit commenced!
Rey Gorge: luhluhluh may unggoy.
Sofia Elena: superb