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Viktoria Papez: so awesome, but the sound is off... stops in the middle, and all you see is picture. would be super if somebody could fix it!
Ndinelao Biegen: Do you have an age limit

qwartal: Great vid! Much better that another about HTC Touch HD.
Zraximus Rouge: OML # 72, best phuqne issue i have read in a long time!!! When he realizes what he did!!!!!
Mark Curby: you could make them safer if they came with turn signals..
Kio: hey mark can you please tell me how you made this, i am currently trying to do it.
Isa Karol: Eu queria saber se durou os cachos.... Ou eles se desmancharam ja que vc disse em outro video que seu cabelo é bem ralinho.... O meu tbm é por isso queria saber se durou.... Bjs