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Natallia Volchik: Kakoi koshmar! Ne proffesional tehnika naneseniya kosmetiki. Vse siyanie kogi perekryto pudroi.
David Wan: how can i put yotpo on my home page? like https://us.hismileteeth.com/ this website?
Joelle Herrick: You guys are helpful and funny :3 I like you
tigress666: Amusing review over all though. I like the toy though I do actually think you have points, they just don't bug me as much (except the nose being so loose in plane mode, that does annoy me. I thought maybe it was just mine as I had bought it used). Specially since it is a triple changer and in general you will get at least one mode that is not perfect. But I enjoyed your review cause it was amusing to listen to you rant about it even if those things didn't upset me as much.
cowbutt6: Using that SATA->6 pin PCIe power adaptor makes me itch. If you can't find a better PSU that fits, then it might be better to use a graphics card that is rated for 75W or less and doesn't have a 6 pin PCIe power connector. Even better, there are even low-profile cards that fit this spec. https://skinflint.co.uk/?cat=gra16_512&v=e&hloc=uk&sort=n&bl1_id=30&xf=24_75~351_low+profile+Blende~5585_ohne gives a shortlist. Naturally, you won't be able to hit the $69 price point buying one new, but it gives an idea of models that might be worth searching eBay for!
SuperRyderBros: uwa
Evgeny Pekker: Класс, прикольная ученица ))