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Жанарбек Гумаров: Но несмогли сделать
Chanelboiy: I needed this video thank you
Brad Keller: I wish he had a liter and weed
David Zhang: My review of this desk is now up! I still think this is a great desk but there are a couple issues that you should know about before you get it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sV1R4If_KhY
Роман Окунев: Одни расслабляющий другой подрящий блин.. пришёл покупать в лавку и как узнать где какой? За видео спасибо..продолжайте..
GuangzhouSchenzen: you should check out Oceanica on Kickstarter they have an awesome flieger for $265
Darscie Lamb: Everyone complaining-- note how he constantly mentions references. He's copying from an already made piece of art and it's honestly not that hard, so maybe you should give it a try and copy something for practice instead of complaining, it doesn't get you anywhere :')