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Aidos TITAN: Прошика нужно ли делать на SP 111?
Doommaker100 GD: 7
Fushion: Here we go!
juliano silva: Qual o valor (18)997906520 meu grupo interessou
ひなつとしょうたの気まぐれ動画: すげー
Andrew Marks: There a good speaker man. Set up right. I have them in my doors. Stock location, I'm loosing a bit. Sealed this unit would hit, I'm using them with a pdx m6 with 112w with a standard speaker set up, no sub, they can give some real nice bass response, but it's a fine line. Two hits up in the volume and it's destorting. But with the m6 in high pass and a fine tune with my sub and they rock out. Like I can't keep it up too long when that loud. When I play some skrillex my crap goes. LOUD!
The Grock Says: Heavy load